2530 Pine Tree Drive
Between 25th & 26th Street
Miami Beach, Florida 33140
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About Us

ur community Mikvah offers a comfortable, hygienic and private experience for all Jewish women. The Mikvah is fully equipped with all supplies needed to prepare for Tevilah (immersion). Our warm, caring Mikvah attendants provide individual, confidential and sensitive attention to every patron.

Mikvah Miami Beach
Many women travel to Daughters of Israel to benefit from its high standards of Kashrus & beauty.

The Daughters of Israel Mikvah has been described by the Bobover Rebbe Reb Shlomo Z”TL as “World Class- איינער אין דער וועלט". When the Orthodox Rabbinical Council of South Florida undertook the Halachic responsibility of building the Mikvah on its current site, Gedolim worldwide were consulted. This Mikvah is unique in the world that virtually all their opinions and Chumras were accepted and incorporated in the construction. The back of the building has an immense reservoir of rainwater. This allows us to use rain water each time the Mikvah is filled. Our Mikvah's unusual construction allows this water from a natural source to mingle with the sterilized water contained within. Additionally, our Mikvah is equipped with filtration and water-purification systems to ensure an utterly hygienic experience. The water is kept at a consistent, comfortable temperature.

There is also a Keylim (dishes) Mikvah on site.

Mikvah Fees

The fee for each Mikvah visit is,
$18 for members
$40 for non-members
About Mikvah Miami Beach